The Manx Norton – 2012

A Look Back at the Manx Norton 2012

I think a good starting point would be Good Revival 2012 as that is where I was first introduced to Patrick Walker ( and was offered a ride on his Manx Norton at the last round of the Landsdowne British Championship ( at Silverstone that year.

Patrick manufactures the complete engines for the Manx using state of the art technology, even the port shaping is carried out on his CNC machine meaning that the port profiles are accurate to within the closest tolerances, thus giving his engines optimum performance. He is a one man band operation witha huge experience in engine development/manufacture and at one time worked alongside the legendary Doug Hele of Triumph fame.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Siverstone and got on very well with Patrick.

The last time I actually raced on any short circuit was 1981 and the track we used at Siverstone for the Landsdowne round was completely new to me.The only corners I was familiar with were Copse and Maggots.
However the Maggots I remember was a virtually flat out bumpy left handed followed by a blast up to Becketts.

I fell of there in the 1972 on the 1st lap of the John Player 350 GP whilst chasing Jarno Saarinen!

On the circuit we were using, one had to brake hard into Maggots as it was immediately followed by a 2nd gear right hander !

The other part of the track that was a little familiar to me was Woodcote, except this time it was approached from a long slowish right hander and not from Abbey Curve where you would approach it at about 130 mph !
I fell off there also during practice for the 1979 350 British GP !

I might as well mention another crash I had at Silverstone, that was also in 1972 at Stowe Corner on a 500cc Crooks Suzuki.There were just those three, I promise!

Anyway , I’m pleased to say that I had no such incidents on the Norton and finished every race in a fairly respectable position.