Goodwood 2020 – The 1983 Bartol

The 1983 Bartol 250cc.
Racing at Goodwood 2020 with Charlie!

Back in 1979 my 250cc Yamaha engine was prepared by a well known Austrian racer
and tuner, Harald Bartol. Harald made his own cylinders to fit on the Yamaha engine
giving an increase in horsepower, something that all racers like !

The bike proved to be successful, I took many wins on the British short circuits and more importantly won the Lightweight at that years TT for the 4th time, breaking the lap record that had stood for 11years.

By 1983, I had retired from full time racing but Harald was still working with two stroke engines and actually produced his own complete engine fitting it into a chassis of his own design. The bike was unsurprisingly named the "Bartol".

Harald's former assistant, Alistair Taylor saw the Bartol for sale in Germany a couple of years ago and purchased it. Since its rebuild, it has been raced in German Classic races ridden by the Danish rider Leif Gustaffson.

1983 Bartol 250cc. 
Harald had decided during the ’82 season to build 6 complete 250cc disc valve race bikes with the help from 2 friends, Sigi Wartbichler & Honi Maier. This particular Bartol 250 was one of a pair that Gustl Auinger campaigned. Alistair Taylor bought the bike in October 2012 from Christopher Eder in Vienna and persuaded Harald to help getting it race ready again. Due to our other commitments this took until 2018!!! 

Leif Neilsen agreed to race the bike in the Moto Trophy series held mainly in Germany and tried it at the first meeting in Italy in April 2018. After some changes to the bike and some mechanical problems during the season the team finished 2nd in the class, 250cc Grand Prix up to 1985. After a much better season in 2019 they won the class!! 

The WMB 250cc. (Wartbichler, Maier, Bartol) 
Technical information - 
The engine is a parallel twin cylinder, water cooled, disc valve induction, two stroke of 54mm bore x 54mm stroke. The crankcases, cylinder & heads are Bartol designed aluminium sand castings. The crankshaft is from German manufacturer Hoeckle and the drive train is TZ Yamaha. The ignition system is a Zeeltronic battery type programmable unit with a 5000 mahr model airplane battery. It has 37mm choke size Mikuni flat slide carburetors and steel expansion chamber type exhausts fitted with tailpipe silencers. 

The frame is a Nikko Bakker twin loop cradle type frame made from round aluminium tubes TIG welded together. It has a progressive rate rear suspension system with a White Power suspension unit and conventional hydraulic front forks by Yamaha. 16 inch front & 18 inch rear Marvic magnesium wheels and Brembo twin disc brakes. 

The 1983 Bartol 250cc - See Charlie at the Goodwood Members Meeting 2020